Sound Generators/Pillows, Do You Use?

Discussion in 'Support' started by daisy, Mar 5, 2011.

    1. daisy

      daisy Member

      I myself use Oregon Scientific WS903, which has aromatherapy + sound therapy built in one device.

      The waterfall sound is my favorite, masks T nicely.

      The only downside is that the price is high, over 100 dollars:

      I also sometimes use a sound pillow (little speaker), cheap and effective playing your favorite tunes (be it nature or else).
    2. Markku

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      Yes I do, often times Rainymood ( is playing on my computer. At night I have a pillow speaker ready to go.

      Most nights I can sleep fine, others... not so. :(
    3. Adam

      Adam Member

      Hi, like the rainymood link. I use aire freshner 2.0 ( a free software on the web) found the cicadas setting to be the best, must contain frequencies which mask my pitch. Theres lots more on there that may be useful for others. This played through some cheap headphones i dismantled and placed in a pillow helps. P.S. like the new site smile.png
    4. screwtape

      screwtape Member

      I prefer near silence, just me and the tinnitus, maybe a radio programme of some interest in the background as i drift off, and i never retire unless i'm ready to sleep. I do use a white noise generator during the daytime, occasionally, but at night i don't like to mask this thing, i just sleep straight through it, no matter how loud it gets, and it does get really loud. Never use headphones, even quietly, that seems to encourage it to louden. I don't live in fear of this thing, its just a nuisance, i don't hate it, or even particularly dislike it, i sort of 'nothing' it, its just there, and so am i.
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    5. ansku

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      love your attitude screwtape. wish i could maintain the same kind of attitude in the future.

      now, not so much... but i have hope, that's what i have. tongue.png
    6. Jim

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      I like "Ambience" iPhone app. I also like my nature sounds custom track. Waves, rain, babbling brook, wind, birds in background. You can have it for free here, Private message me and I will provide the password.
    7. rogerg

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    8. Svein

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      Lots of android apps too with masking sounds. I use one called Soundsleep. Just place the phone under my pillow or on the table beside my bed.
      I mostly am able to fall asleep without any sound, luckily, but when I wake up during the night to go to the toilet, I need sounds outside my t to fall asleep again. My wife's soft snoring is a blessing then, or blackbirds singing in the dead of night.
    9. Jett

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      Post concussion syndrome
      The CalmRadio smartphone app has Tinnitus atmospheres that you can mix instantly ,listen with earbuds on your phone,with their great channel sounds to mask most any T screaming,
      Commercial free ,Tinnitus internet radio channels that are inexpensive ,monthly subscription well worth it, go to or AppStore on your phone

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