Sound Suddenly Getting Louder in Response to Other Sounds

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hil, May 23, 2016.

    1. Hil

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      I've had a low hum in my right ear since the end of December. Now all of a sudden, the sound is getting louder every time the fridge comes on (or the washing machine is running, etc.) Any ideas on what would make a sound suddenly, after 4 months, get louder in response to certain other sounds I'm hearing?
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    2. Poyraz

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      February 2016
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      Benzos, Stress, Anxiety, Loud Music, Jaw Problems. Who knows
      Can it be reactive tinnitus? I also have this. My tinnitus reacts to sudden sounda like phone ringing but it calms down in 5-10 seconds. I have my T for 4 months now and this happens for 2 months now.
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    3. Axel

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      My low piched hum gets louder while exposed to sound and so does the ringing. When the sound is at a certain volume the T is masked or stopped
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      Not really sure...Bad ear infection?
      I have this too, it sucks.

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