Sounds of Tinnitus — Which Is Yours? Like, Share & Get Us to 20K+ Views!

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      Our Sounds of Tinnitus has received over 10K views on Facebook as well as almost 200 shares and likes.

      We want to reach 20K+ views, while at the same time get new fans for our Facebook page (which, for example, enables us to link more people in need of support back to the forum), and for this we need your help in three different ways:

      UPDATE: The video now has over 400 shares and over 20K views! Can we reach 30K views? You can help achieve that by following the above steps! Thanks so much everyone!

      Which of the six sounds most closely resembles yours?
      Click "Comment", between Like and Share, below the video to comment on Facebook.

      Thank you @Steve H, @Jeff M., @Lynnette, @Hudson, @SueR, @Amelia for being courageous and starring in the video!
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