SpiderMind, the Climactic Scene of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Now Typewriter Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by William Smilardo, Mar 19, 2021.

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      This is what is going on in my right ear. And it's growing. The "typist" is rather new. Let me explain.

      53/M/Veteran... Years ago I started experiencing what I like to call SpiderMind. At random times, but especially at night, when it's quiet, it feels like a spider is coming out of my right ear. If I'm lying down, on a pillow, I can FEEL like little tendrils coming (growing?) out of my ear and tickling the pillow. Or I just feel the creepy crawly when I'm sitting at my desk, watching tv, or driving... But especially when I'm laid down to rest. That has been bad enough...


      Then the Tonal Symphony came in. The nearest thing I can compare it to is the climactic scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. When you see the ship, with the lights and the musical notes... except mine don't have any of the higher tones. About 4 -5 different tones in connected intervals. I'm hearing THIS right now as I type.

      And then...

      I have The Typist. This just started about a week ago. Keep in mind, any, all, or one of these can be going at once... The Typist is just CLICKING. At first I thought it sounded like something digital, or a spinning wheel. Then I realized it sounded like a typewriter.

      I am going absolutely crazy now. I've been to the VA multiple times with this. They've looked in there, washed and drained. They don't see ANYTHING wrong. A few days ago, for my CDL physical, I asked her to REALLY look in there. She said there where some longer thin hairs in there... Which makes sense... But do they grow, move and come out at night?!?!?! At times in the past I've taken a Bic lighter and tried to light it near my ear hole... Lol I haven't done that in awhile... But if it ever worked, I'd be doing it daily!

      What brought me hear was searching about tinnitus and Apple Cider Vinegar... I've tried olive oil, hydrogen peroxide... I just want to know if anyone has had success with ACV. And if so, taken orally? Or in ear?

      And upon reading others statements... I've always had this total fuzzy, RINGING sensation around my whole head... But I just chalked that up to the sound of consciousness. Or when I'm losing it... I don't know. I find it's strongest when I wake up from a dream, or am on the precipice of drifting off into one that I hear it loudest... That doesn't bother me.

      Any thoughts? Help?

      P.S. I have experienced a LOT of very loud concerts in the 80s, 90s , early aughts... and fired handguns during military training.
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      Botched lumbar puncture, CSF leak
      I've got nothing, sorry.

      But I did tell my doctor yesterday that not only my ears but my whole brain rings, hisses, buzzes, pulses and more... plus I can feel it. She told me that wasn't possible, then asked if I am hearing voices. I said 'no, this is tinnitus, not schizophrenia. I have been telling you about it since late December at onset'. 'No', she said. 'That doesn't happen, that is not tinnitus. Tinnitus is ear ringing'.

      I can't imagine what she would have said or done if I had told her I felt spider legs coming out of my head at night.

      I believe you though. I just have no answers.

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