SSNHL Tinnitus Hyperacusis

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      Tinnitus Since:
      2008 but cured and relapsed from benzos
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Some day after afternoon sleep when i wake up noticed my ear ringing and was a bit blocked .
      This night i don't sleep from tinnitus and the next morning went to ENT
      witch diagnosed sudden sensorineural hearing loss (the audiogram was typical for acoustic trauma).
      After that put me in intravenous steroids vasodilators vitamins etc.. for ssnhl
      7 days after that hearing recovered completely and tinnitus stopped completely but i had mild hyperacusis.
      When i tapered the streroids symptoms of tinnitus & hyperacusis come back after that i live a disaster.
      The ssnhl was possibly to one ear because the ear is deaf perhaps from birth(so isn't measurable) but the deaf ear does not have tinnitus or other symptoms.
      This thing have destroyed my life and iam searching a working solution to take my life back before suicide.
      The hyperacusis & tinnitus are reactive not predictable and are manageable for 1 day with 16mg methylprednisolone & 5mg lorazepam & 10hours good sleep.
      I have multiple types of tinnitus but the basic are 2 types of tinnitus ear localized witch can manage with changes in air pressure of Eustachian tube and central type tinnitus with is manageable only with
      lorazepam & good sleep .
      I have tried more than 100 drugs with no good results... (psychriatric/neurologic drugs supplements diuretics). Iam searching for retigabine because my t and h responds to lorazepam i think that retigabine that will work to me.
      If that don't work iam planning for electroshock with 10000+ volts but with very low current (the current kills) with hope some reorganization in the brain will stop T permanently.
      My hearing in the ear i have the problem is normal and better from others witch does not have T
      the other ear is totally deaf but i have not any symptom from the deaf ear.
      I have times that i have no tinnitus (even with pillow covering my ear) but these times are rare and the duration is low so this makes me think that my situation is possible reversible.

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