SSRI-Induced Tinnitus

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      Hi everybody,

      I am writing to share with you my personal experience and hope that it will help some of us to understand what is happening and make the right decision.
      I first came across tinnitus from a friend who has been a long time sufferer. I had no idea about this condition before but could understand the distress that tis permanent noise could produce.
      I wasn't really thinking that I would one day write in a forum for T.
      My history:
      I have been dealing with anxiety and depression and was on Paxil for 5-6 years before getting rid of it slowly (about 2 years) and 3 years without anything. I slowly decrease dosage and never suffered strong withdrawal. While on it it has worked really well and the last years have been the greatest of my life because I have been free from meds and symptoms.
      In recent month I started to become really anxious and stress more due to jobs change and thought about going back to Paxil and i did. I started taking a 1/6 tablet every 2nd day to slowly adapt to it. I new that the first couple of days are horrible. I think that after taking a whole tablet over a week period I started to experience intense vertigo and tinnitus. Even if I thought it could be only temporary side effects due to reintroducing the drug in my body I stopped taking it. It's like if my mind was telling me it's not worth it.
      Well It's been a month now and I have T in both ear it's pretty bad at times and sleeping has been really really difficult. I think that I had an ototoxic reaction to Paxil.
      I don't know what to think, I tend to believe that my body was telling me you had enough. You can do it on your own now, but I am afraid that I have gone to far and badly damaged my ear.
      Just be careful when dealing with these meds, I know they can make you feel really good but there is no easy cure. The way can be hard and long sometimes but we all have the power to heal. I will stick to meditation for now and exercise and try to be kind to myself for making this mistake.
      All the best

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