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      The first time I remember hearing this ringing in my ears was in 2002 at a Paul Mccartney concert. We rushed the stage at the end and my left ear was next to a huge speaker. It felt like someone whacked me in the head and afterwards all I could hear was ringing.
      It sort of went away or at least I didn't notice it that much until the last couple of years.
      I used to work at an airport and didn't always use my ear plugs when meeting a plane.
      Stupid I know, but I didn't think about the consequences when I was busy working.
      Anyway I've since retired and in the last year or so it's gotten so bad that I can hardly think of anything else.
      I've lost most of my hearing in my left ear and the ringing, hissing, whistling sound has now moved from just my ears to feeling like it's inside my whole head.
      Went to an ear/nose/throat specialist who told me what I already knew. Hearing loss with tinnitus.
      I use a white noise app at night to sleep but nothing really makes it go away and if I think about it too much I think I'll go mad.
      I'm so glad to have found this site because I don't know anyone else with tinnitus and it's so hard to explain what I'm going through to others.
      So thanks for being here and I'll be doing a lot of reading on this site the next few days and see what I can learn from others and possibly get some kind of relief in that respect.
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      2013 GMC Sierra pickup truck
      thank you for sharing.

      Yea.. these little ProAudio beauties have done damage.
      Check out the Success Stories forum for some good advice


      Try to be outside as much as possible that at least, it doesn't drive you nuts as easily

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