Starting to Get Very Depressed... Can Inverters Cause Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Marie P Meier, Mar 21, 2019.

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      I was diagnosed with tinnitus about 5 years ago... Started out of the blue one night, like a generator in my head... I was in total shock, as I thought the noise came from a noise in my local area... I drove around at night trying to locate the source of this motor... I tried everything, white noise, pink noise, music sound therapy (which was very expensive and a waste of money for me).

      At the time, I was recently separated from my husband and very unhappy... My husband was nice enough to swap houses, and I moved back to my home.... This helped to tone down the tinnitus a lot...

      Then a miracle happened when I went scuba diving in Tahiti... The tinnitus completely went away after one dive... Could it have been due to the change in pressure? Don't know, but I was so grateful that my head was empty....

      Now it is back. With a vengeance, of course worse at night.

      Different noise this time, very high pitched continual... We have recently moved houses and have installed Solar Panels, and the inverter is directly outside my bedroom, with my bed by the wall where the inverter is...

      Would anyone have any documented scientific facts, as to whether inverters cause tinnitus?... Which is only in my left ear...

      And has anyone suffered tinnitus due to solar panels...?
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      Unknown. Sudden loss of 100% hearing R ear with Tinnitus
      I can't imagine solar panels being a cause for tinnitus. But the inverter certainly could be a culprit if it makes a noise especially a constant noise. The problem with a constant source of noise (even if it doesn't sound that loud) is it is the "constant" factor that is so damaging, and will very sneakily cause hearing loss,...thus tinnitus. If your inverter is noisy, even a little bit, I would absolutely not have your bed within earshot of it.
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      @Marie P Meier -- My wife has been active in advocating against the intrusion of smart meter and 5G technologies in our area, and despite not having a scientific background, has learned a number of interesting things. Though I don't understand the jargon, she's mentioned several times that solar panel "setups" can create a lot of "dirty electricity", which can result in a myriad of health issues. -- There was a POST recently by a guy who tracked down his tinnitus from a recently installed smart meters in his neighborhood.
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      Where there is electric current there are EMF fields

      This article mentions the dirty electricity and frequencies of 20kHz, so I would definitely consider it a problem source if you react near it, or being in that home with such.
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