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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ouiser Boudreaux, Jun 30, 2016.

    1. Ouiser Boudreaux

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      aspirin and a lot of stress...
      Hi All,

      I was put on statins about 2 weeks ago to lower my bad cholesterol, the good one is as high...
      Anyway, I was referred to this prof. who wanted to do a CT of my arteries i.e. shove in the drum head first!
      My dr. knows I'm extremely claustrophobic and told me it wasn't "like that" and it'd be a simple CT instead...
      Anyway, since I obviously refused, this prof. told me he must put me on statins then as he can't tell if my arteries are still free or already clogged and in bad need of this stuff... I mentioned that cholesterol had also to do with stress from what I read but he dismissed my comment as "never heard of".

      To make this long story a bit shorter my T of about 20 years which I had learned to live with on acceptable terms shoot to the moon and for the last 8 days or so I'm almost there where it all started - going crazy, desperate, climbing up the walls and terrified it won't get any better :(

      Though we're mostly vegan I used to cheat a bit... (I'm a sucker for a good cheese...) but off it ALL now!!
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    2. Lucy B

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      Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine)
      Hi Ouiser,
      God bless you for having tinnitus for 20 years and learning how to live with it. I have had it 3 years (possibly more) and I'm doing good but I do have my days/nights. I also got mine from a medication, Plaquinel, it's for lupus.

      Thank you so, so, so much for your thread. I'm an extremely healthy 59 year old female and just had a heart attack and the doc's want me on a statin. I am fighting hard to get them to understand my concern about it causing the tinnitus to get worse. They don't get it. I fought taking the Plaquinel for years because of being afraid of getting tinnitus. And look where it got me.

      The heart attack was mild. The doctors feel it was due to stress. The last three years I have been under an amazing amount of stress; which started with the tinnitus. The final blow was when my youngest brother, 55 years old, committed suicide. Totally out of the blue! My family is in total shock. He was a great man and had the world by the balls! He didn't leave a note. My sis-in-law thinks he may have had a health problem that he didn't want anyone to know or he may have had a problem at work.


      I'm going to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and Presbyterian Hospital in NYC to get more info and their point of view.

      I can't thank you enough! I will pray for you every day and night. You have the tools to accept your new predicament and I have a lot of faith that you will use them again. I wish I could give you more comforting words.

      How do you say your name?

      Thank you for listening.

      God bless you lots,

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