Staying Positive with Tinnitus

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      Staying positive with tinnitus

      By focusing on the positive things in or life no matter how small can help us through the difficult times with our T. The thought: Things could be worse, can be enough to bring balance back into our life.

      It doesn’t mean we mustn’t ever feel negative just try not to let it consume you.

      I often go out for an early morning walk. A couple of weeks a go, on the way home on the opposite side of the street, I noticed a young man of approximately 18 years of age walking with one arm stretched out in front of him and his hand was feeling its way as if he were in complete darkness. This drew my attention but parked cars obstructed my view until all became clear. In his other hand he held a leash attached to a guide dog walking beside him.

      I wanted to go over and offer some assistance but remembered some people might get offended - such a thing happened to my late Father, when he offered to help a visually impaired person and was rebuffed quite severely. However, I watched for a while just to make sure this person was all right.

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