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      Hello everyone! I am 21 years and my tinnitus is not so long in the scene ... just 36 days ... but it kills me .. when you live 21 years in silence it's hard to get used to the ringing in my ears ... of course I am very depressed since when is there, I can not focus on work .. what has disturbed me life course ... I hate myself .. I want to tell you how it happened and I'm interested in whether anyone had a similar experience ..
      2 months ago i had a fight and I suffered a perforated eardrum .. of course I got the antibiotics that I used .. next move was perhaps the key to my tinnitus ... Shortly afterwards, a friend called me and offered me some drugs to pull through nose .. I did not know what to consume .. we lit a couple of joints .. was a strong grass ...
      It is perhaps about 10 days and then another friend asked me to fire a joint .. had wrapped joint .. we started to smoke and I smoked maybe 3-4 of smoke and I realized that the grass is not there and I gave it to smoke the rest I went home and continued to work ... after 10 minutes I rang the door And he says to me is that he got to go and grass ignite .. I agreed without any doubt .. I wrapped a joint and I drew 2-3 and smoke I just heard as if something snapped in his ear if I can call it that .. and I was starting to buzz ... it was 05/08/2014
      Yesterday I was at the doctor and she told me that my eardrum healed ... but that still use drops that gave me ...I came home and told a friend that went to the friend who is my cause tinnitus and to ask him some grass ... wrapped myself quite a bit and a few pokes and waited .. after a few minutes, my heart began to pound as you'll die tinnitus and I stepped up ... it was the same grass .. I'm interested in whether anyone knows substances that cause tinnitus? know that my grass it could not itself cause ... Next week I go to my cardiologist looked at heart and go to the nuclear Medicine I looked authorities gave damaged .. and I'll do the full time .. I think my tinnitus caused intentionally and tried to kill me .. I wonder whether you have any similar experiences and gave me who can help ..? answering each question .. and appreciate your help
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      Hi Final Countdown: You are still very new to tinnitus. It very well may go away on its own. My guess, but I don't know, is its connected with your ear drum injury but will resolve as the injury continues to heal. You might as your doctor about other things that can heal a sudden injury, like steroids short term.

      One other thing: tinnitus can make you really anxious. Several of us were talking on the board the other day about how when we did grass after we got T, it made us crazy paranoid and ramped up our anxiety. I felt like I was having a heart attack. Turned out to be a panic ( anxiety) attack. My advice: Lay off the weed until you get this tinnitus thing under control. I don't think grass caused it, but anxiety will make tinnitus louder. Good luck.
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