Strange Hearing Blockage and Distortion — I'm New Here

Discussion in 'Support' started by Susan roberts, Jan 11, 2017.

    1. Susan roberts

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      Ear infection
      Hi my name is Sue and I am new on here.

      I have had tinnitus since 1987, around 17 years ago I had eustachian tube dysfunction , horrible to say the least.

      Three years ago when I was over tired I mean exhausted occasionally max three times a year I would wake with really odd hearing distortion , over three years I slowly developed more attacks, but since Christmas I have had this for nearly three weeks , it is terrible in the mornings after laying down but can sometimes ease up in the day.

      I have just seen a hearing doctor and audiologist , having an MRI scan tomorrow , this is the most unpleasant sensation , it feels as though my ear is plugged , so it feels as though sound is hitting a wall in my right ear, I am stressed out but very rational too.

      I have a slight hearing loss in my right ear very slight , any body else experienced this , any support or similar stories would be of help as I am at a loss as to know what it is, my hearing g sounds horrible at present .

      Thank you kindly.

      I am 58.

      Could this again be my eustachian tube?
    2. Blue28

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      Acoustic Trauma from Microsuction
      Did you ever get to the bottom of this @Susan roberts?

      I have similar feelings in both ears.

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