Strange Sound/Cracking Coming from Jaw Movement. Any Ideas?

Discussion in 'Support' started by matt89, Mar 14, 2016.

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Since I have T in both ears due to an acoustic trauma I am experiencing the following concerning my right ear:

      - When I'm moving my lower jaw up and down (e.g. while eating or just without eating something) there is a sound in my right ear which I would describe as a wind blow into a sail.
      - When I'm moving my lower jaw up and down and press shut my earlobe of the right ear with a finger there is a loud cracking inside my right ear.
      - When I'm moving my lower jaw up and down and stick my finger into that ear I feel that there's a bone or joint (don't know what it is) which is moving unnaturally.

      I have tested if I'm experiencing the same phenomenon in case of my other ear. But there is nothing like that.
      Never had any jaw problems, I'm experiencing this since the acoustic trauma.

      Maybe someone here knows what it is or is even experiencing the same phenomenon.

      Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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      I am actually experiencing the same thing, and have put it down to me developing TMJ which maintains/makes T worse for me. It doesn't appear to be the cause originally for me, but now that it is there (a doctor confirmed TMJ) I am assuming the symptoms I have (which you are basically explaining here) are related to the TMJ. However, there could be something else going on here too.
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