Struggling with Hyperacusis — It and Tinnitus Developed After Years of Using Headphones

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Cameron Wagner, Sep 20, 2020.

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      Hey all, I'm Cameron (31). Recently developed hyperacusis (first started showing symptoms of it on August 8th to be exact). I didn't know what was happening to me at the time and tried to go about my life normally. As I begin to notice symptoms weren't improving I did some research and stumbled upon the horrifying discovery of a condition that cannot be cured. I was hit by a wave of anxiety and depression and lost in interest in just about everything in my life.

      I think I had noticed symptoms of it developing but I was just unaware of the condition to take action. I believe I have had tinnitus for a while, it has just never really bothered me. I still do not notice it much of the day but I have begun to question whether it is a bit worse now. I think this developed due to years of headphone and ear bud use. Also I am deeply afraid of making it worse. Some other symptoms have now developed after having this condition for over a month including TTTS and what I believe to be some sound distortion.

      I felt like I was making progress towards the end of the August and into September, but unfortunately the last week or so has been really rough for me. I have an appointment with an audiologist on the 29th and they offer TRT. It's a bit expensive but I'm willing to give it a go. I feel like it is the best shot I have at trying to gain my old life back. I'm tired of living in constant fear of what if.

      @Michael Leigh I've read a lot of your posts and they seem very insightful. Any advice for me regarding TRT or in general?

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      HI @Cameron Wagner

      Tinnitus and hyperacusis are not easy to cope with in the early stages which you are in. Since you have read a lot of my posts, you would have probably read that I do not recommend starting any tinnitus treatment particularly TRT too early. If it at least 4 months preferably 6 months before starting it. Please click on the links below and read my posts again. The best treatment in the early stages for tinnitus is to do nothing and leave your ears along and give yourself time to settle down. Use low level sound enrichment especially at night. Talk to your family doctor who may prescribe medication to help you with stress and anxiety. Counselling can be helpful if things get too much for you.

      All the best

      PS: My advice to you is take your time and read my posts and not skim through them. Pay particular attention to the post: What is TRT and when should it be started.

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