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      Noise exposure I think
      Hi I was wondering if u could advise me on a a medication to help lower it, because am scared incase I make it worse, habutation doesn't want to work for me because I can't get my mind off it cause it's all I hear, and I've had it 3 years or so. And do you think there is any real harm in having a night out with earplugs, club, pub. Thanks any information would be greatly appreciated.
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      Loud Music
      Hey Ryan
      I wouldn't give up on habituation. What have you tried? CBT? TRT? MBCT? There are no scientific studies i'm aware of, but some clinical indication that SSRIs, like Prozac and Lexapro might help. Also some indication benzodiazepines like Ativan may have a chemical affect on tinnitus, or at least, help calm you down which might promote acceptance and habituation. Benzodiazepines can have a tolerance effect ("habit forming") so please be careful. Again, i would not give up on habituation.
      DR Hubbard
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