Stuffy Ear for 2 Months — Gone with Physics Trick

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Dan Moore, Jul 26, 2021.

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      I got the COVID-19 vaccine and after a few days my ringing in the ears started to get worse. I got worried but I knew I had tinnitus and at the moment there was no cure.

      After a month of pain and stuffy feeling in the left ear I started looking for solutions.

      I found Tinnitus Talk and have been pouring over many posts.

      I found some mentions of hyperacusis, which I'm not totally sure what it is, and figured that my increasing sensitivity to sounds while losing my hearing in my left ear was hyperacusis. So I endured. One day it was getting really bad and I looked treatments for hyperacusis and found many articles on anti-inflammatories. I hate drugs. I wanted this gone but also didn't want to get anything sprayed into my nose to relieve the Eustachian Tube Dysfunction which I believed was the cause. I don't have medical insurance yet so I'm trying home remedies and herbals. I saw the cross section of the nose and mouth and where the Eustachian tubes are and had a flash idea. So I tried it:

      I took a big mouthful of water, pinched my nose closed, closed my eyes and tilted my head back. And swallowed it all in one shot. POP. My ears rang badly for a few seconds and then I could hear again... and I do mean hear.

      Muffled sounds and such that I couldn't hear before I could hear again. Whispers that I had to read lips for, now I could hear. The ringing associated with the stuffy ears was gone or subsided but I expected it to remain for a bit and so was surprised.

      Here are my thoughts on this.

      The ETD I read about indicated a fluid buildup in the Eustachian tube and that was causing a negative pressure, preventing the Eustachian tube from opening up and draining properly. The water swallowing created a vacuum in my mouth and when the water passed the connection to the nose the very low pressure went to the nasal area too and that changed the low pressure in the Eustachian tube to higher pressure, forcing it to open and the fluid came out. I won't kid you, the feeling was very unusual and the fluid in the back of the throat felt raw and nasty. But it worked.

      Until I can get to the ENT and figure out what is causing all this, this is my home remedy to clearing the Eustachian tubes that I'm having problems with. I hope this help others with ETD to find relief.

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      Seems like you have ETD due to congestion or inflammation. If it’s a result of the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s also possible. I’m curious if this would work for multiple forms of ETD and/or ear pressure as some people have ear pressure that seems to be cause by the inner ear and not middle ear like ETD.
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      So it's been maybe a month after I first cleared my Eustachian Tubes.

      I've been taking Men's multivitamin gummy, Zinc gummy, Magnesium pills, Ginkgo biloba capsules, Moringa capsules, and now Turmeric capsules, at least twice daily.

      The pressure in the ears is gone, my Eustachian Tubes feel like they are draining properly. The tinnitus associated with them is gone, but I do have a residual tone from that whole escapade that remains, but I can deal with it.

      The combination of the vitamins and herbs have helped me incredibly.

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