Subjective Tinnitus Compared to Age Related Hearing Loss

Discussion in 'Support' started by billhill4000, May 24, 2016.

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      Hi all. I was once told by an ENT that tinnitus was due to bent or damaged hairs in the cochlea.

      1) would he be correct?

      2) My understanding with age related hearing loss is that some cochlea hairs die away ( ie not damaged or bent ). Thus, strictly speaking as time goes by, would that not mean that tinnitus would diminish as age related hearing loss progresses?

      3) Lastly, as i have minor age related hearing loss and some tinnitus. Do you think that as age related hearing loss progresses, that tinnitus might get louder. My theory is that the brain turns up the "internal volume" to compensate for the age related hearing loss...thereby making the tinnitus appear louder (even though theres been no exposure to loud noise etc)? Some people strangly report no change whereas others report a drop in tinnitis audibilty as age related hearing loss goes on?
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      genetic hearing loss
      Good questions. I have also age related hearing loss. The last two years my T becomes serve. I am worried about the future !! At the moment i take parimexole. It seems to help people with presbyacusis and T.

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