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Discussion in 'Support' started by SymphonSilencio, Jun 28, 2012.

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      I have been receiving a treatment for subjective tinnitus for 9 months developed by a gentlemen I met closer to a year ago. It took me a while to even consider such a thing as I've tried many things to manage tinnitus such as acupuncture, st johns wart, prozac, lipoflavanoids (this is the only thing I use to this day as I believe it does have lower T to a degree). Other than the lipoflavanoids everything for me so far has had adverse effects. Acupuncture only going twice gave me the biggest volume spikes ever. St johns wart helped me deal with the T induced depression but even that gave me T spikes. Prozac gave me headaches and increased my T and my hearing sensitivity as well.

      I am employed currently by the creator of this treatment as my skills in writing and people relations serve me quite well even though in recent times I've lost my job due to calling in sick too often and lack of productivity which I will say was due in large part because of my tinnitus. I know proclaiming this may set off alarms of whatever ulterior motives or self interest ploys that come to mind. I advocate such notions even towards myself because you have to be careful and cautious as there are many individuals in the world seeking to make money off of remedies, treatments, and yes CURES that in fact do little to nothing except empty your pocket.

      The creator of this new Sound Therapy would like to offer the users of Tinnitus Talk a chance to try his new creation and experience the results for yourselves. We will make a list of all interested participants and evaluate each and every one of you to see if you are suitable for this particular trial. Anyone with a message count of 30 or higher is eligible to be a participant. We only say this so we wont have people signing up for the forum simply to get in on the trial. All you have to do is reply of your interest in this thread and you will be considered and contacted via email in the later stage after evaluation.

      With that said the trial is completely and utterly free and no traveling is required as this is a at home treatment. Once you become a tester we will need a viable address in order to send the Sound Therapy Treatment Kit to and you will be on your way. So as not to influence results we are not providing any sort of incentives or money in order to receive feedback. We are putting complete faith in the testers we choose as the cost to put the kits together does come out of our own pocket. You will learn the full extent of the provisions once we have chosen you as a tester

      This trial is about having real people and real testimonials no matter what happens during its course. We're looking for individuals capable of executing patience, the ability to be objective, and the perception to give a good examination of all experiences even if they arent positive towards the treatment. Trials are all about seeing what works and what doesnt. We hope you can help us do that.

      If there are any questions I'll be more than happy to answer them. I'll be making a FAQ thread on another day (Thanks Dezdog)
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      Most likely hearing loss
      Ok Im interested
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      alright well I need a email so I can correspond with you. I want a little background information first and youll be on your way soon. I dont want to get your hopes up but I think there is a chance you could get rid of it completely if we start soon. I'm of the thinking that once T becomes cemented in you (like myself) there isnt much you can do if you want it gone "completely". T isnt a tumor of sorts. Its more like a process as a result of another process being damaged or hindered in some way.
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      as said in the other post,i m interested but i m not a big poster so i m no counting 30 on my numbers.
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      I'm waving the requirement. Simply give me a email I can contact you at so we can get started.

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