Subwoofer in Car Caused My Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ankur, Apr 22, 2020.

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      Subwoofer in car
      Hello All,

      I am a 26 year old male. I was on my way to a show with a new friend who was driving his car. He asked if I wanted to hear his sub and I said sure why not and then he left it on for 30 minutes. The rest of the day I was fine but the next day my ears were ringing and ever since February 25th my ears have been ringing.
      I tried to get an appointment at a ENT but this was at the start of COViD and well it’s been 2 months and some days I can hear it but other days it’s been terrible.

      I know the doctors cannot do much but it would have been nice to get some reassurance of what is going on. The ringing is in both my ears. I had one really good day and decided to try headphones at a low volume a month ago and then the month after that has been a high pitches ringing.
      The stress is terrible and I work in manufacturing so the loud noises definitely make it worse but I wear ear plugs and on top of the ear muffs to reduce the noise.

      I read magnesium supplements help but I am not sure where to go. I just want to start something to try to help. I am supposed to get married next year so I just want to enjoy my wedding with ear plugs of course.
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      Hey dude, sorry to hear about this but welcome.
      Assuming your T is from accumulated noise exposure, which evidently it is, the doctors can't do anything. The ENT will order a standard audiogram, interpret your hearing, and hand you a useless pamphlet on tinnitus. But there's nothing they can actually do for you now that you are outside of the window for steroids (which isn't always effective anyway).

      Your ears are raw right now so you're doing well to protect them. It can take a long time, but you can recover from acoustic trauma and the tinnitus may eventually settle down to a baseline if not fade completely.
      The magnesium wouldn't hurt. There's a host of supplements you can try but I would reccomend getting on NAC immediately, 600 to 1000mg a day. It's an antioxidant that can help attenuate noise damage. Another potent antioxidant is Astaxanthin, which some users here have had success with (also great for your eyes). If you want to pull out all the stops you could try Nicotinamide-Riboside (NAD+) although it's pricey, some users here have also had success with it.

      Hang in there, hope it improves for you.
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      Tramadole or unknown
      Sorry to hear your story mate!
      Just know we're all with ya! We can work through this and greener pastures are on the horizon!

      What helps me with coping in manufacturing industry (I'm a locksmith) is 3M Bluetooth headphones, I used them a lot at the start of my tinnitus to help drown out the ringing, but now days just earmuffs and plugs work fine and I'm not too bothered by it for the most part of every day - with some exceptions of course..
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      Subwoofer in car
      Thanks guys I am definitely gonna check out some supplements and see how this goes. 2 months in but not discouraged yet.

      definitely going to check out those headphones as well. Won’t use them for music but at least to cover up for now
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      Acoustic Trauma

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