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      So I've had my T going on for a little over two months now. The first month was horrible and terrifying as I'm sure it is for everyone else here. I was living with maybe two hours of sleep a day, lost approximately 20lbs in that month, anxiety through the roof and no appetite.
      I was a total wreck... until one day I basically stopped trying to ignore/run away from it and instead concentrated on acknowledging/accepting it. I began to listen to it and tell myself it's not hurting me, it's there and not going anywhere but I'm still alive and somewhat healthy at the moment. I began writing a log like you do in "Back to Silence" if you search the forum you'll find it. Within a week of doing this and with the support and research here slowly began to return to my everyday life again.
      I saw a psychologist local to me for a little while who also has T and she told me I was starting to habituate at a very early time from onset and was very surprised.
      I never thought I would be able to start to habituate this early but it's still a work in progress everyday.
      By the way I've been told my T is caused by ETD, my allergies were really bad this year. I had a constant suffed up ears, sinus pressure, and fuzzy head feeling for two months straight until onset and never did anything about it. My ENT said my tubes were inflammed and that it was causing my ear drums to be slightly distorted but as of my last visit a couple weeks ago she said it's beginning to look better. I continue the daily regimen of allergy meds stuff and ultimately at least that part is getting better.
      I just wanted to give hope to others as everyone is always so supportive here. I found that I just had to find what worked for me as an individual because what works for someone else might not work for you.
      I used to take sleeping meds from before onset but now no longer take them and don't take the valium the doctor prescribed me for anxiety either. I still take vitamins and allergy meds but thats all now. I still find myself checking throughout the day, still hear it, still bothers me and I do still get anxious at times but I no longer fear it and doesn't affect me as bad as it used to.
      My T seems to have fluctuated since onset and as of now it's higher pitched in my right ear and slightly lower pitched ringing in the left and constant. I stopped masking for the most part but still go to sleep with the tv on timer but I've always done that. I can finally sleep on my side again even with the ringing going. I still hope one day I will wake up and it will be silent/gone but if not then I'm doing ok at the moment. For me acceptance was the key and I'm still working at habituating but it's slowly getting better and easier. Don't lose hope keep working at it and like everyone says be patient. Yes I hear my T as I'm writing this and not at the point where I can completely ignore it but it no longer scares the crap out of me.
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