'Success' Story of Sorts — CBD Oil Helps & Tinnitus No Longer Upsets Me

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by BarneyW, Aug 16, 2019.

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      Never felt compelled to write on a forum in all my 25 years until today. The reason I want to post this is for people new to tinnitus to read, and to offer support.

      This year, for the second year running, I went to Tomorrowland. For those who don't know what it is, it's a massive EDM festival in Belgium (200k+ people). I went last year with no problems. This year though, was slightly different.

      On day 3 (Saturday) coming back from the festival to the campsite, I noticed the ringing in my ears was not the standard you get after going on a night out / attending festivals (which I do quite regularly). It was really really loud, almost to the point it hurt. However, so inebriated was I, still fell asleep. Woke up the next day and felt almost deaf from it, said to my friends how bad it was. They said to wear earplugs to the festival today (Sunday) - as it was I had a few drinks and then didn't notice it the whole day, until we got back again to the campsite and it was still there...

      The next week I can honestly say was one of the worst of my life. Festival blues, working + having a kettle like tinnitus made me go something approaching insane. I went to the GP, who told me to wait... I slept about 10 hours until Friday night, unable to bear the ringing. Felt so low, wanted to cry from it - and would definitely have not attended the festival if I'd known this would happen.

      Worst bit was my friends being fine. You feel singled out, even though you didn't do anything different.

      I'd had unbearable ringing once before, when I was 16 and went to my first ever gig. I remember the ringing lasted for a week and a bit, but then completely went. Strangely, that tinnitus was worse, but as I was younger, had no idea what tinnitus was and was more carefree - it didn't bother me much.

      Anyway... I started taking 5% CBD oil the week after, and instantly felt the difference. I cared a bit less about it, and could sleep (albeit with the help of an app making rain noises). At work it bothered me less, and I also became a bit chirpier. Also felt less stressed about life, full stop. The slight cloud of anxiety I used to live under over the past year has gone. I definitely think stress / worrying about tinnitus makes it worse, at least from my experience.

      I took it every day for a week, and now 1 month on take it every other day. I'm not free from tinnitus, it's still there and noticeable if I listen for it, but it's not upsetting me - rather just sometimes a bit annoying. I now wear earplugs when going out too. Alcohol makes it spike - exercise doesn't.

      The reason I'm posting is because I was going insane over the first week, but found some solace here - and hope. I really feel for those who have had it for a long time... honestly - it's indescribable until you have it. Even if my tinnitus never fully goes, there are plenty worse things to be afflicted with in life, so in a way I feel more grateful.

      In any case: just wanted to leave this here for people a) to offer some hope in the first few days of having it + b) to suggest CBD oil as a medicine of sorts.
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      Good to hear. What strength CBG (in mg) do you have?
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      I got mine around the same time as you. I'm 21. Its getting better with pink noise therapy every day but I am going to try out CBD after reading this. How much should I try??

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