Sudden Hearing Loss :(

Discussion in 'Support' started by derpytia, Jan 29, 2015.

    1. derpytia

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      Progressive hearing loss / noise / ETD
      So I came back to my apartment one day (I use hearing protection on my way back and stuff) and I sat down and talked to a few people in a Skype call and suddenly everything seemed to get a bit quieter and my ear felt a little full (still does). Is this SSHL? Everything sounds quieter and I'm scared. I thought Tinnitus and High Frequency Hearing Loss was punishment enough. I don't need more hearing loss. I don't want to become deaf. I'm scared. I'm going to try to book an appointment with the audiologist ASAP.
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    2. DebInAustralia
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      i understand how anxious you must be right now.

      i was exposed to a sudden loud noise 2 weeks ago. Immediately, I had muffled hearing, and pain in the affected ear.

      i saw my audiologist that day, and had an unchanged audiogram.

      it gradually settled down.

      I spoke to Miriam Westcott about it (audio). she said what i had experienced was a protective response to the loud noise, and that the symptoms would settle.

      I know that you haven't mentioned being exposed to a loud noise recently, but she did say that TTTS can strike in response to stress/anxiety etc, causing the symptoms you describe.

      I threw NAc, nicotinamide riboside, mag at it that night.

      I personally would think it will settle. See what the audiogram shows..and let us know how you get on :)
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      Bad luck and bad genes
      I've had a similar thing happen to me a few weeks ago, where things seemed a bit quieter in my left ear, more muffled or something. I especially noticed with some types of sounds, like crumpling a paper bag. But after a few days it got better so I don't know what it was actually. I don't think it's SSHL as that is more apparent, so I think you'll be fine in a few days. But do go to the audiologist, it never hurts to get things checked out.
    4. Paul201

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      I get this now and then, sensitivity seems a bit muffled and hearing a bit dull, its normally linked to a louder than normal event for my ears but not something that would otherwise affect normal ears, so I don't worry too much about them as they clear up in a day or a few, so far anyway. I don't see anyway to avoid the ones I get apart from wear ear plugs all the time, which I wouldn't want to do
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      Ear infection / Mild Noise Induced Hearing Loss
      @derpytia I'm sure you've thought of this but is it possible that you just have a cold with some congestion? I experienced this a few days ago where suddenly my hearing sounded more muffled, which heightened my anxiety, but the last few days that has cleared a bit as the cold has subsided.

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