Suggestion for People Whose Tinnitus Bothers Them Mostly at Home or While Sleeping

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Jun 27, 2016.

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    1. JasonP

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      Okay, I am not sure if I posted something like this before but I just remembered it. If your tinnitus bothers you at home you can put fountains in every room. If it bothers you while sleeping you can put it in just your room. The important thing to remember though is you need a LARGE fountain, not just a little one. I found this one which is available at a store but I am sure home depot or lowes has some as well. They might be meant for outdoors but you can use them indoors.

      I am wondering if you can change the pump on these things to increase the flow rate which might help even more. To test whether this might work for you, run the faucet in your kitchen and put a plate at a 45 degree angle mid way from the faucet to the bottom of the sink and see it helps and calms you down. Then have a friend hold it there while you walk around the the kitchen and see if it still helps. If you guys think of a better way, me know! That is the best way I could think of right now. It probably won't exactly be the same since the bottom of the sink is metal but hopefully it will give you some sense of if it will work.

      Hope this info will be beneficial. If anyone knows if you can change the pumps to be stronger let me know.
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      Hey, we got our T at the same time! It was also in June 2006 for me ^^ Did you celebrate their ten years?

      Good idea, the problem is that fountains are generally expensive but I like this idea.
    3. JasonP

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      Thanks! Yeah, in the beginning it wasn't so bad because I was taking a drug that numbed me out to it. Then later it increased and it wasn't cool. Btw...I updated the testing thing for the kitchen sink. You are right about them being expensive. I know Bed, Bath, and Beyond has been giving out 20% off coupons but there fountains might be expensive too.
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      I wish this worked for me. My tinnitus is so high pitched that only crickets mask it. But thank you for the suggestions : )
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      I have a large fishtank in my livingroom and the pump ext makes a relaxing hum.
      .... lots of love glynis

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