Suggestion for Those People with Tinnitus That Spike with Exercise, MSG, or Possibly Stress

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      Okay, so here is the theory- only a theory- and I am in no way a scientist. I believe the first two things can increase glutamate in the short term. If I am wrong comment below. As far as the stress goes, I am not sure, so if someone knows please post below.

      As I said before, glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter. I belive in some people, increases in this can cause tinnitus exacerbation. The question is, if this is true, how can we lower glutamate or the transmission of it? I might suggest trying the following two supplements which are natural but be sure to look these up yourself and ask a Pharmacist or a doctor to make sure these are right for you.

      The first one is Magnesium. Specifically, Magnesium Glycinate or Magnesium Taurate or others that will not give you diarreah on a regular basis like Magnesium Oxide. You can look up various magnesium forms yourself to find out what would be the best. Why magnesium? Well let me quote from the following website (but please read it in it's entirety:

      "Magnesium hangs out in the synapse between two neurons along with calcium and glutamate. If you recall, calcium and glutamate are excitatory, and in excess, toxic. They activate the NMDA receptor. Magnesium can sit on the NMDA receptor without activating it, like a guard at the gate. Therefore, if we are deficient in magnesium, there's no guard. "


      Notice that Magnesium can prevent glutamate from activating NMDA receptors. Read more about that here:

      Needless to say that can be a good thing if NMDA receptors are affecting your T. Don't go thinking that NMDA receptors are bad but it is possible that if there is too much glutamate in the system activating them, it might be bad.

      This comes to the next part. How can glutamate excess be reduced? Well, that is where this supplement comes in. It is called NAC. I want to quote from the following article:

      [NAC] is a hepatoprotective antioxidant that is converted to cysteine, a substrate for the glutamate-cysteine antiporter. This antiporter allows for the uptake of cysteine, which causes the reverse transport of glutamate into the extracellular space, which stimulates inhibitory metabotropic glutamate receptors and, thereby, reduces synaptic release of glutamate.


      ****Note: In order for NAC to be effective on your body you need to take it on an empty stomach with fruit juice or maybe on an empty stomach with Vitamin C. Please research this for more information****

      Therefore, if these supplements taking moderate and safe dosages (NEVER OVERDOSE OR TAKE TOO MUCH. I AM VERY SERIOUS ON THAT!!!!) possibly could lessen tinnitus if they are taken over a period of time. I doubt they would have much of an immediate effect. Ask a pharmacist if the 2 can be taken together safetly and if you do take them and feel weird, stop taking them or reduce the dosage. Too much of something can be bad. Please read the linked articles to fully understand what I am trying to get across. This is one method that you can try to reduce T some. (Again I think it might take a little while for these supplements to work if they do. I am not really sure how long though)

      I want to also post this video on GABA/Glutamate. GABA is a neurotransmitter that is sometimes manipulated to lessen tinnitus to, but that is beyond the scope of this writing.

      GABA Neurotransmitters and Glutamate

      Let me know what you all think.
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      studies into mag or NAC for chronic tinnitus have mostly shown little effect. this isn't a new idea, sorry...

      there is slightly better evidence that mag supplementation can reduce hearing damage from noise trauma in the first place, though iirc that all comes from a single study in israel.

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