Sumatriptan: Reduces Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Diskgrey, Aug 29, 2019.

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      Probably stress and neck spine?
      Hello everyone,

      I am wondering if anyone had experienced a reduction in tinnitus after taking Sumatriptan (medicine for migraine)?

      I have developed my tinnitus probably due to stiffness of the neck - I have no hearing loss. I have been doing physiotherapy with some success but recently the physiotherapy induced migraine so I was prescribed Sumatriptan. After taking it my tinnitus lowered in volume the next day quite significantly.

      Has anyone else experienced this?

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      This just happened to me today! My tinnitus has been a horrible roar that is exhausting me. No idea what started it, but possibly the constant AC unit running overhead at work. I had a headache that wouldn't quit today and took a migraine pill. After a while I noticed the roaring had almost completely stopped! I've been researching auditory migraines and relations between sumatriptan and tinnitus for about an hour now. Interesting to find someone else who had a similar effect!

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