Supplements (Ginkgo Biloba, Lipo-Flavonoids, Turmeric) Has Made My Tinnitus More Bearable

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by March, Dec 9, 2018.

    1. March

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      Ear infection
      My tinnitus started 4 months ago from a perforated eardrum and then ear infection that would not go away. I had to use 2 courses of ear drops and unfortunately was on 2 courses of Cipro. The ENT I was seeing kept trying the same antibiotic. I chose to go to a different ENT.

      After taking a different antibiotic for 10 days, the ear infection healed. But I was left with tinnitus in that ear.

      I tried acupuncture which did not help. What has helped has been a combination of Ginkgo and Lipo-Flavonoids. I get both at Walmart. I also take turmeric for inflammation. Although the sound is not gone, it has gone from ringing to what sounds like soda bubbles. It is much more bearable. I am trying to habituated to it which is challenging.

      What I feel is that time and the supplements have helped. I no longer have crying spells and the depression I was feeling.

      Just wanted to share my story. It cannot hurt to try the supplements. Thanks!
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    2. dougwarby

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      Thanks, that sounds hopeful.
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    3. Pianist_Will

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      September 2018
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      Possibly medication
      How much Cipro did you take? Any other side effects to it? I’ve had quite a bad reaction to it but sounds like you’ve been fine :) Definitely good the sound is changing as that suggests healing. You’re on the right path!
    4. ItsNate101

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      Military/Recent major spike unknown
      At this point i'm desperate so ill try anything, I'll get some tomorrow and take with my B complex/zinc/Magnesium oxide!
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      11/2012 worsened Jan 2018
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      Concerts and TMJ and genetics (Mom, Grandpa have it)
      It might just be natural healing. Tinnitus tends to go down in the 2-6 month quite substantially in a lot of people as your body heals and re-wires. However if you are improving and you think it might be due to the supplements by all means keep it up.
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    6. Lane

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      February, 2018
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      Ototoxic Drug
      One thing to keep in mind about Cipro and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics is that they can absolutely devastate tendons and ligaments in the body. [I read one account where a man took a single dose, and that night had his shoulder fall out of its socket]. -- It appears pretty clear to me that loose ligaments can be responsible for, or contribute to various kinds of tinnitus situations.

      So any supplements that will support ligament and tendon health would be good to consider. I myself take about 5 grams of Vit. C / day, along with regularly drinking chicken bone broths which have collagen and other nutrients that can help repair some of the damage. -- The misuse of these fluoroquinoone antibiotics is so widespread (and in my mind almost criminal), and is akin to using a shotgun to kill a mosquito--why not use a flyswatter?
    7. Juan

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      Several causes
      A healthy diet helps to some extent, turmeric, fruit, salmon, garlic, onions, green tea, lemon.. these may help.
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      noise induced
      ive heard magnesium spray is helpful

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