Supplements & Tinnitus — What Do You Take? What Should I Take?

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by oatsey, Mar 25, 2013.

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      Caloric test
      @SB1981, hi man, I wanted to ask you regarding the supplement stack you claim that had an effect on your tinnitus.

      Which brands of NAD and Astaxanthin did you use? And was it NADH, NAD+ only, or NAD?
    2. buttercake

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      It did nothing. No idea why they are even wasting their time thinking about combatting tinnitus with spices.
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      Idiopathic Cochleopathy or Maybe Loud Music
      I've been taking some supplements on and off for about a year now: Vitamins B, C, D, Zinc, Magnesium, Ginkgo Biloba, some Multi-vitamin with phospholipids and a Vitamin C with Rose Buds and Bioflavonoids. Nothing has ever made a positive or negative change to my tinnitus or to my general being.

      I think we should just conclude that supplements are a waste of money and effort, except if you are after the effect of placebo.
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      Nonnatural energy source
      That's where I am with supplements. That being said I guess when you are early on in tinnitus it is probably reasonable to throw every you can at the wall and see if something sticks.
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      Noise, allergy
      About the only thing that seemed to help was Magnesium glycinate an hour before bed. Really calmed me down.
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      I woke up on December 5, 2021 with the ringing in my left ear. It still seems to be mostly or all on that side. Went to audiologist and had hearing test and then to ENT: there is a small osteoma in the left ear but it is benign and the doctor said it did not cause the tinnitus. When it started, it felt like the pressure you get at altitude. I tried driving into the mountains and coming down to see it that would relieve it. Did not. Used Debrox but not an ear wax issue. Anti-inflammatories did nothing either. The doctors had no suggestions.

      I am reading here to see what vitamins might help but there seems to be not one thing that does it for everyone. I read too much Vitamin D can cause it and I have been taking that as a 'COVID-19' preventative so I stopped but no change in the tinnitus. Got some B12 and started on that and Magnesium in the evening. No change so far.

      It is bad today! Some days not as much. It is interfering with sleep. I was unable to attend a gathering last night that I had looked forward to. Gosh, I hope this is not my life from now on!
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      I apologize, I did not see a notification for this post. The NAD+ is Tru Niagen. I’ve taken two different Astaxanthin brands. I can’t remember the brand of the 12 mg. But it spiked me really bad. I then got NOW brand 4 mg.
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    8. David S

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      What do you think is the optimal supplement stack for noise-induced (cochlea-based) tinnitus?

      Vitamin B and D
    9. Sketch

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      Ménière's disease

      The most helpful ingredient in Lipoflavonoid is Lemon Bioflavonoids.

      I started taking the Nature’s Brand Lemon Bioflavonoids 1000 mg supplements about 6-7 years ago and it immensely reduced my tinnitus. It takes awhile to get going in your body (by increasing your blood flow in your capillaries), so if you or anybody is interested in giving it a try I would recommend really sticking with it for several weeks at a high dose before determining if it’s helping. I have definitely gotten to the point where I can feel my tinnitus (and the corresponding hyperacusis and brain fog) get much worse if I forget a dose.

      I would also like to echo the success that a couple folks have said they’ve had with Pycnogenol. I take the Healthy Origins brand 150 mg capsules. Interesting that I think similarly this helps with blood flow capacity.

      For what it’s worth, my tinnitus comes from my Ménière’s Disease in the inner ear, so I’m really not sure how or if this would possibly help tinnitus or hyperacusis from other origins. Sorry I don’t know how to compare :/

      A huge thank you to everyone posting their ideas and experiences here! I really appreciate the information and sharing.

      Best wishes.
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      Illness as child Rubella, sadly got worse over the decades
      I am on a load of supplements, initially not for my tinnitus, but because I have been on a medication for 2 months, which I feel has completely blasted my body off certain minerals and I am trying to rebuild them, though that might take a while.

      I am in the UK. I might ask my GP for a complete mineral blood test to see where I am at with my mineral levels. Not sure if others can ask for this in their countries?
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