Swimming with Tinnitus — Can Water Inside the Ears Make Tinnitus Worse? Do I Need to Wear Earplugs?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tharanga, Feb 19, 2019.

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      Unknown, possibly stress
      Hi Everyone,

      My name is Tharanga, I recently joined this Forum. If I get water inside my ears from swimming in a swimming pool, will the water make my tinnitus worse?

      Do I have to wear ear plugs custom made by an Audiologist when I go swimming in a pool?

      Kind Regards
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      It depends - for many people with tinnitus, water in the ears doesn't affect it. For me, using earplugs in the pool (or at other times like at night) or getting water in my ears irritates them and makes my tinnitus significantly worse. Only way to find out is try it. If you do get a spike, just keep in mind that it will be temporary, so stay calm. You don't need custom audiologist-made ear plugs for the pool, just proper, well fitting plugs designed for the pool (just look on Amazon). Sound-filtering plugs have an open channel through them to let sound in - not good for water.
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      Hi Tharanga..

      If you can spend the money for custom made earplugs, I would suggest you to go ahead with it... I had them made for myself and been very happy since... Ears stay dry and it makes me more confortable when swimming...

      Otherwise normal swimming plugs can also do well, but the custom made are definitely better..

      All the best, Lorenzo
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