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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by UserID, Jan 27, 2015.

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      At 62, the T is, like so many others here, just one small portion of health issues which I deal with on a daily basis. I'm reasonably certain I'm not the Lone multi-tasked member here. As I've written in the past, my other problems are mostly pain related, for which I take pharmaceuticals that attempt to give me a better life, sometimes accomplishing it, sometimes not. It depends on the direction of the wind, I suppose.

      For those of you who must deal with at least a couple health issues, my sympathies. Life can be hard for us on a grand scale, although I don't doubt there are those with T challenges that resemble those of us with more than one issue. At times, meds have caused side effects that added to T's annoyance, while some meds lent a bit of comfort, especially when a good night's sleep was needed.

      T, for me, was a secondary challenge in my early years. It followed what at least one doctor now thinks is the cause of most of my other symptoms, spinal stenosis. Soon, I am about to find out the full extent of its influence, perhaps next month, when I see still another specialist. We all have hope, don't we, when we're to see a physician considered to be in the top of his field. My fingers will be crossed and my prayers continual.

      So, whoever you are, know that you are not alone. There are others here that have a handful of challenges just like you. Take hope. There are always tomorrows.

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      Good luck David, and thanks for the pep talk. Just what I needed today.

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