Taking Prednisone for One Day Spiked My Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Scarfacesaints, Oct 2, 2022.

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      I’ve been on and off antibiotics for 2 months for sinus and ear infections and have varying degrees of tinnitus along the way. Some days my tinnitus is completely silent. I finally got off all antibiotics and after a few days I had 5 blissful days AND nights of silence.

      I started to hear some slight static and my primary believes there’s inflammation so she prescribed me Prednisone. After taking the first day’s worth (6 pills 5 mg each) my tinnitus spiked a lot.

      I asked my RN friend and pharmacist friend if I should continue to take Prednisone as it’s causing this really bad spike. They said since it was such a small dose and since I had only taken it for one day, to stop taking it.

      3 days later and my tinnitus is still bad. I went from pretty much nothing, to this now.
      I’m concerned when this will finally go back down again.

      My doctor’s office wasn’t open because of the hurricane and now the weekend so I couldn’t call them, and I was concerned about continuing the dosage and causing more issues. So after asking some medical professionals, I stopped taking Prednisone.

      I’m so aggravated. I was doing so well and never should have taken this stupid drug. I should have stayed off of all drugs like I wanted to after my antibiotics were over.
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      Did your spike go down after you stopped taking Prednisone?

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