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      I've seen a lot of telethons especially back in Europe where I used to live.
      What would it take to have one in the US (or elsewhere)? Not only does it help raise funds, but it's also a very powerful driver of awareness.

      In my opinion, it needs to focus on the folks that have debilitating T, for two reasons:
      1. these are the folks that needs the most help (by definition)
      2. if the message is diluted by folks who have mild or very manageable conditions, it will reduce the perceived severity of this condition, and can be actually counterproductive ("why are these guys complaining? it's very manageable and mild! and on top of that they want me to give them money?")
      No offense to those who are dealing well with this condition (I'm sincerely happy for them), but the focus should be on those who struggle greatly. The former set will benefit from any advances anyway, so it's a win-win.

      I picture a night of "entertainment", particularly if it can showcase artists who are sufferers, and folks manning phones to get funds, interviews of sufferers, etc.

      How does one make it (the telethon) happen? Thoughts?
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      Good idea, but I would think that telethons are going out of fashion because of the internet. On the plus side, however, people who watch telethons are more likely to have money compared to broke millenials on social media.

      Perhaps an internet crowdsourcing fund would be better. You could use the video of the Dutch lady who committed the S word to raise awareness. As horrible as the video is to watch it would garner sympathy.

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