Tell Me I'm Being Paranoid (Could It Be My PC Screwing Me Over?)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tim Hogan, Sep 9, 2016.

    1. Tim Hogan

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      June 2016
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      Cold/Flu (Minor) >>> Botched Acoustic Reflex Test (Severe)
      I've had Tinnitus in my left ear quite dominantly for the past 3 months, the past week ive noticed some noises in my right ear now too.

      Pretty lame, i always thought "atleast my right ear is ok" but thats now delight is gone

      It started around the same time i recently i moved my PC from my left side to my right, because it was very close to my Left T ear and was kinda annoying because for some reason Fans agitate my T and only Fan noises lol, whenever i turn on my fan because its hot my T is like "you think u better than me fan? il show you whos louder!".

      But soon afterwards i now got T in my Right ear

      Sounds a bit coincidental that it started around the same time i moved it, It is a gaming PC but the Fans on my are no were near any kind of damaging noise level, theirs some coil whine, but u gotta get pretty close to the pc to hear it.

      i do spend the grand majority of my time at the PC, its a good 1 1/2 feet away to the side of my desk. i figure its probably the same level of noise at a work environment. its not like im in a server room or something.

      Could it be my PC could be screwing me over or am i just paranoid as T makes you and this is Tinnitus moving around my brain like the asshole it is.
    2. Jacob83

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      loud headphones
      This is interesting. The fans, while not a damaging level of noise definitely irritate your tinnitus. I remember when I first got tinnitus, my old crt tv's audio would irritate the hell out of it even on very low volume and sitting across the room from it. Since you're only a few months into having tinnitus, have you had any days where you weren't on the PC for a long time? Maybe not ideal, but have you thought about experimenting with not using your PC for a few days and see where you're at with tinnitus?
    3. linearb

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      go spend three weeks doing some remote camping without a phone and see what happens.
    4. Path Maker

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      Well, I will add that having some devices on definitely causes reactivity with the tinnitus. The past few weeks when it was brutally hot and humid, I ran the A/C 24/7 and sometimes a fan as well. The tinnitus loudness and excitability actually went up.

      As soon as I could turn off these devices, everything settled.

      This afternoon, I ran the fan on low for an hour or so till I noticed I was annoyed at a slight (but annoying!) increase in the tinnitus. I turned the fan off, and it settled.

      Same when driving in the car. I now wear musician's earplugs while driving, which let some sound through and block some. It seems to keep the tinnitus from amping up so much.
    5. Carlos

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      Los Angeles, California
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      Acoustic Trauma
      I have a feeling that wifi and anything that connects to wifi might affect tinnitus if its within the range of your head. Good observation, I thought I was the only one thining the same. Im in the same situation, had t. in only one ear and recently started on the other. Im trying too, hope the best for you.
    6. Andrew Ingram

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      workplace noise
      i experience this too from my PC......... and the dimmer switch in our living room....... and our TV.

      Playing some background music helps. Or get a fanless PC or as Michael Leigh has done move PC into a different room linking to it with long cables

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