Temperamental TMJD and Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Liesel, Dec 3, 2013.

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      I've been suffering from tinnitus in my right ear since July of this year. Surprise surprise, well on my way to coping, I got tinnitus in my left ear now! Appeared out of the blue last night. It's a completely different noise. I feel like I'm dealing with two temperamental children.

      I suspect my tinnitus is caused by a combination of TMJD (which I knowingly have) and anxiety. Yay grad school! I hope to document my case and treatment, as it's been very frustrating seeing so few people like me on these forums. Maybe it's because their tinnitus gets better when their TMJD is treated. That's the hope I hang onto, anyhow.
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      Hellooo :) i think there are plenty in here like you. Mine started out on left ear, badly, and now suddenly two days ago it has jumped over to right, spiking constantly. i have tmj issues too and i doubt treatment would do any harm. Lastly most are quitw familar with anxieties brought to you by t, and from prior to the onset! Youre def not alone.
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      I have tinnitus since 2008, then on 2013 i went to dental clinic and i found out i have tmjd. I dont know which comes first? Tmj or tinnitus? But both of this problem is hard to cured.

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