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Discussion in 'Support' started by Matt024, Jun 17, 2016.

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      Hi guys,

      Hope you're all well.

      I've had tinnitus for almost a year now and it's been bearable. Recently though, one year has been going temporarily deaf.

      The sound goes from it, like a vacuum almost, for about 2-3 seconds. The ringing then flares up really loud before calming down a few minutes later.

      I'm going to see a doc tomorrow but in the meantime, does anyone have any experience of this? Like I said, I'm able to cope with tinnitus but I'm worried about one of these flareups not correcting itself and leaving me deaf.

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      Hi Matt,
      Could be Eustation tube dysfunction and also fluctuating hearing loss with the tinnitus.
      Keep us posted how you get on at the doctors tomorrow....lots of love glynis
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      Matt - this happens to me on occasion. Maybe about once a month. Exactly as you describe. The first couple of times, it threw me. Now, I just sit still and wait it out - just for a few weird seconds and then all returns to "normal" tinnitus. Strange ...

      Hey @Cityjohn , I know I tag you in for your input a lot, and hope that's okay. What do you think/intuit is happening in this situation? Thanks!
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      I get the same thing. I have TMJ and a fullness feeling in my ears. I can be sitting in my car driving and my ear will feel like its gone flat and it rings god awful loud. after about 10-15 seconds it goes away. My ENT also thinks my ET is causing the issue since I lost a bunch weight in a short period of time. Let us know what your doc says.
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      Food poisoning.
      No problem at all, always glad to help. I've had the same thing badly a few times, weirdly enough after several months of tinnitus. I've also had it before I had tinnitus. I think people call it fleeting tinnitus.

      It seems to me that it's a very normal bodily function wherein the auditory system attempts to re-calibrate. Now I say this because that's exactly what it sounds like when you would do it on any other audio system. First my gain amplification to sound increases, I hear a white noise sound getting louder, and then suddenly there will be some numbness and deafness, followed by a beep tone gradually moving away.
      There is no research on this because it is impossible to detect objectively and thus ironically enough not considered valid for research.

      I'd say no need to worry but when it happened to me it even scared me out of bed. But I'm fine now, it passed.
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