Terrible Tinnitus Spike from Bad LCD Screen — Coping Is Difficult

Discussion in 'Support' started by frischky, Feb 14, 2024.

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      I typically check electronics and other any new electrical equipment when I first get it for hidden hazards (i.e. coil noise/noisy switching transformers) before using them around me.

      Last Friday, I hooked up a camera I was repairing (never had a noise issue with it) to my old LCD monitor (also no noise issues) with it and proceeded to tinker with it for about two hours. In that time I had YouTube going on another monitor and occasionally heard a small squeal... thinking it was part of the video.

      After my computer went to sleep, I noticed this a few more times and whipped out my phone with Spectroid (audio spectrum analyzer) and there was a big peak at about 15khz coming from the monitor just off to my right. I estimated it was probably 60db, but I couldn't really hear it due to the sounds already in my ear (other than the occasional squeal/tinkling noise I mentioned).

      Obviously there was some incompatibility between this particular camera's framerate and that monitor, resulting in a 15 kHz switching noise, similar to CRT TV flybacks.

      Next day and since then my tinnitus has skyrocketed, anything from that same 15 kHz noise to a wideband high-pitched static. Sleep has been difficult, I fall asleep but do wake up after 6 hours, then fall back... it is not quality rest.

      To be honest, I am rather scared and disappointed in myself. It seems like in recent months my tinnitus has been spiking, then retreats a little to a higher baseline. Now, I have a big public meeting to chair next week some 40 miles away and wondering if I should just call in sick for it... I doubt my spike will be down (if ever) by then, and I really do not want to make it worse.

      I really feel down in the dumps, so I am hoping I can get some suggestions on how to cope. I have had tinnitus for 20 years, but I feel right back at day 1 now.

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