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Discussion in 'Support' started by Grace, Jun 23, 2014.

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      This i have not done since i went to an ent doc and they didnt give me my results but she said i had near real good hearing. So my question is i was on youtube and checked what frequencies i could hear it started at like 40 and went up to 19000 and as soon as like 15000 came on i had to turn the volume almost all the way up on my iphone to hear.. And same up to 19000 but could hear it a lil with it all the way up. Is there like a volume preference that it should be at when listening or does it not matter how loud you have to turn it up to hear it?
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      Please don't do these things. The fact that you have to turn up your volume to MAX means your are playing a loud sound into your ears; just because the sound doesn't seem loud, does not mean it isn't. It's all about frequency and your hearing abililty at that frequency. If a person has lost 50-60 decibels of hearing at - say - 16 kHz, you will not start to notice the sound until it is played at 70 db. So be careful...

      If you want to get your very high frequency hearing tested, find a place that offers such tests. Hearing tests are normally capped at 80db for any frequency for safety reasons. Taking an online test proves nothing, I am afraid.

      Here is an excellent example of a 0 - 16 kHz test:

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      yeah i know, it was just on my
      Phone through the speakers.. Didnt have headphones plugged in or anything but at like 15 khz i could hear up to then it just kinda faded out if i didnt turn it up after that
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      How did you do it ? Is there any app for it ? I haven't had my high frequency checked till now and I am sure it's high frequency loss. What should I search on YouTube/AppStore ?

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