TFW You Realize Your Masking Sounds Haven't Been Running for a While

Discussion in 'Support' started by sjtinguy, Nov 15, 2018.

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      I'm coming up on a year with tinnitus... lately it's been really falling into the background. I've been doing stuff and not noticing that my masking sounds have turned off... and even when I do notice it... it's not always because of the ringing, but just like, there's this odd sound of... silence?... or something that seems close to it. My hyperacusis has also laid off a lot lately... it's nice not to have my ears in constant pain.

      For those new to this crap, hold tight. Not everybody improves, but a lot do. I year ago I was in hell and figured I would never be able to live like that. I couldn't listen to music at all for months, now I can listen to music as much as I want as long as I keep the volume low. I still can't hang with moderately loud environments even with hearing protection, but normal day to day life has returned somewhat. Still carry earmuffs whenever I go out of the house and use them often, but less and less all the time.

      So, not exactly a success story, but this forum needs more optimism anyways. I am optimistic about the future of my ears, which is something that feels really good to be able to say. I hope you can feel the same way about your ears.
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      A well worded & uplifting post!

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