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      Hi all, my 5 year old son just got diagnosed with tinnitus....after test, treatments, more tests and more treatments the cause is unknown...although when he was 4 months old I found him in his crib with blue lips...almost died in my arms...many tests were also done back then, nothing came out. Everything seem I don't know if tinnitus was related to that episode. He had not head injury that I can recall and no exposure to loud noises....anyway...tinnitus is here and doctors told me there is nothing I can do. But I think there is a lot I can do, his brother was diagnosed with asthma when he was 2 and 1/2 yrs old and drs told me same thing....went all natural, make my own bread, all food from scratch and my son got cured..he is now 9 and no sign of asthma since he was 3.
      My 5 year old seems ok, not actually affecting him much...and I intended to keep it that way.
      I found this site looking for ways to help and support him, and I'm so glad I did!
      Thanks again!
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      Hi - welcome to TT!

      I am so sorry that this has happened to your son at such a young age. I am not sure on research/case studies in children that young and the likihood of it going away. The good news is that you mentioned he doesn't seem too bothered by it - that's good. To be honest the earlier you get T the better you are at adapting to it. You since will probably not remember anything different, and hopefully it will not bother him.

      Since your son is so young I don't think there has been any harm done by loud noise. Perhaps he has had an ear infection or a cold? On the other hand I think some people simply have T for one reason or another.

      Obviously you have done all the tests to make sure nothing is wrong e.g. Infections. I think the best thing you can do is try to keep his exposure to loud noise at a minimum and make sure he gets plenty of zinc and magnesium - these are vitamin that help the ears (I would search online to make sure this is correct). Other than that try not to stress out about it. T is usually a problem when the person is anxious about it, and if you son is not bothered by it then I would not try to do much else other than make sure he stays that way.

      You are a good mum for doing the most you can for your children. :) take care
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      Ooh thank you so much for your post!! yes he went through a lot of tests and treatments with both a family doctor, with his pediatrician and ENT. No ear infection in the last year, he also went for an audio test and no hearing lost was detected, x rays became with enlarged adenoids so he was on corticosteroids for 3 months. Adenoids back to normal, but tinnitus still here. Thanks for the advice on the zinc and magnesium, I will check it out.

      Thanks again for your quick response, feels nice to know there are people out there to which I can give/ receive support and encouragment...this is all to new for me!
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      Hi Adriana,

      :welcomesignanimation: I too am glad you found TT!! Great support and info can be found on this forum! (y)

      I agree you are a good mum for advocating for your kiddos!! Prayers his tinnitus simply goes away. And if not he habituates quickly, which he may, like citigirl mentioned because of his young age.

      Tinnitus does not always have to have a "cause". I have what is known as idiopathic subjective tinnitus. I have no damage (infection/trauma) to my ears. The noise I "hear" is actually a neurological issue, not an ear issue. Try not to dwell on what "caused" his T, and focus on some of the therapies and treatments that have brought many T sufferers some relief (many can be found on this forum!!).

      Welcome to a community that "gets it"!! Visit and post often!!

      Best to you and your family!! :)
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      :thankyousign:Thanks Jeff!! best to you and your family too!!
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