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      possibly childhood ear infections?
      I just found this site today after attempting to verify if a video presentation promising relief was fraudulent. Thanks to the post I found, I didn't get my hopes up, or waste any hard-earned money.

      I was diagnosed with hearing problems in second grade. I couldn't hear my teacher very well when she spoke to the class. Later I was found to have low tone loss (hear the vowels, but not the consonants) as well as better than normal high end hearing. High end noise is often excruciating... things like crinkling candy bags, or amplified speaking ('s' and 't' sounds particularly) drive me crazy or are even painful.

      I've had varying symptoms from deafening ringing, to whooshing or background freeway noise, to multiple tones all at the same time. I'm actually used to it now, some 45 years later, but still dream of what silence might be like. The most annoying effect is not being able to understand conversation or hear my wife unless she is facing me. I have been reading lips for longer than I care to admit and use subtitles while watching television.

      At a recent well visit with a new primary provider unfamiliar with my history, it was suggested I get an audiology workup and possibly get a hearing aid. Within the last decade several audiologists have confirmed my hearing loss and tinnitus can be remedied with a personally programmed digital hearing aid, capable of both amplification and noise cancelling. Unfortunately, they have been very expensive (around $5-6k) and not covered by insurance. My new provider tells me there are now used models that can be reprogrammed at a decreased cost ($1500+).

      I'm actually excited about this prospect, but need to wait another six months or so, until I am more settled in my new job and have a steady income. I'd met one person recently who spoke highly of hearing aid treatment for his own tinnitus. I am here on this board today to find stories of others who have tried hearing aids. Thank you for being here.

      Looking for silence...
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      Hello @Julie S. -
      I have a hearing aid and I do think it helps, but it doesn't get my hearing back anywhere close to what my "good ear" is (or how my bad ear used to be), and it doesn't do a thing for my Tinnitus, other than mask it with some kind of white/broadband noise.
      Everyone is different and I do know people who have their T pretty much disappear when they put their hearing aid, so it's definitely worth a try, especially because there often is a free trial period.
      Good luck.

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