Thanks Thomas Coleman for Leading Me Here.

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      Inner ear infection?
      I have had the delightful T in my left ear since I guess the mid-80's. I experienced a horrific inner ear infection which threw me off balance and into a series of significant tests and out of work for about a week. I slowly recovered but the T remained and I have been dealing with it since.
      In the last few weeks it has become more pronounced and I looked on the web for some advice on how to deal with it and landed on the Tinnitus Miracle sight. That looked like a scam so I searched for reviews and this site came up with people discussing it as the obvious scam it is.

      Wow- I have been reading on here for hours. I am so amazed at the number of folks here and especially those with very significant symptoms that are overtaking their enjoyment of this great gift of life.

      I have already learned new terminology and the latest information about this blasted high pitch tone. I plan to keep digging in to learn more. Thank God for my air purifier that runs at an auditory level that masks this ring every night. I am blessed to sleep fairly well because of it.

      Thank you community, for making this a great place.
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      Welcome to our community !!

      Sure no one really wants to be part of it, but you will find lots of valuable advises and information in here, and great people to share ups and downs on this crazy journey we are all in together… :)

      Hope your latest setback won't last long and it will not bother you as much..

      Take care ! Lorenzo
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      Hello, welcome lorenzo

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