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      Never thought I'd say this, but there ARE some advantages of having tinnitus.

      So, high pitched hissing tinnitus for 3 years and intermittent pulsatile tinnitus both ears over the same period. Severe depression and 'utter failure to cope' initially....eventually habituated.

      Over the last couple of months I've had a tinnitus spike, probably due to infection, but am habituating fairly easily., builders at the house commented that my sheep were 'driving them crazy' as they are quite a vocal bunch, but their bleating barely registered with me. That followed a visitor's comments a few days back that my cockerel's crowing was very intrusive.....was he crowing?....I hadn't noticed.

      I've also noticed how I can read and concentrate on the content of my book when others have the TV on or I'm on a crowded train etc.

      I'm guessing that these are examples of 'habituation' to other sounds of no consequence......and may represent one of the few examples of the advantages of tinnitus.

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