The Difference Between Noise-Induced Tinnitus and Other Causes?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Penelope33, Apr 22, 2014.

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      What could be the difference in inner ear/ brain damage between noise enduced t, and that of t from say high blood pressure etc? It seems noise enduced us more common, and believed to cause hair cell damage, would t from say high blood pressure cause hair cell damage too?
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      I vaguely remember somebody somewhere saying it may indirectly. It may put pressure on the inner ear which could cause issues either way. Also, the blood pressure medications if taken could also be a cause of tinnitus. Beta blockers.
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      a lot of people with terribly damaged hearing dont get T and a lot of people with T have perfect hearing or thereabouts as you probably know. theres a line of thinking that 'damage' is a construct we create to try and understand the problem. i had bad noise damage and T as a teen but the T went completely and I've seen the story repeated elsewhere. imo its more about a hypervigilant brain seeeking out potential 'threat', an unmasking of natural neuronal activity already there. a lot of factors can overload or stress the brain which wasnt designed for today's tech/med world, but it can restore balance. over-focusing on 'damage' is restrictive as we're not hard-wired like a circuit board, therein lies hope.
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