The Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Hyperacusis

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jaysterk, Mar 20, 2021.

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      So I recently started smoking again. Nothing major (2 or 3 cigarettes per week).

      Coincidentally, I've been noticing some elevation to my tinnitus pitch and "fullness" to one of my ears (I might have ETD or TTTS). Immediately after smoking, my fullness goes away and my tinnitus pitch reduces in intensity, however overall they seem to be louder and my ears seems to "full more often". Again there are so many other facts that I am unsure if they are related to the smoking.

      Nevertheless, I ask... for those of you that smoke, do you guys notice any changes to your tinnitus & hyperacusis symptoms, if any? If so, what are you guys noticing?

      Bonus question: If I had a recent "loud sound exposure", and my ear felt "full", would smoking cause hair cells to break off or additional damage? I ask because I've read that smoking cigarettes reduces blood flow to the ear and/or causes inflammation of the inner ear which could already be happening due to the exposure?
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      Nail gun charge going off outside the gun near my right ear
      I smoke tobacco rarely through a pipe and I do inhale. When I do, I notice my ear problems do increase but slightly and for not long. The tinnitus is louder but easier to ignore, the hyperacusis is much harder to ignore, and the fullness increases. Pain can sometimes get worse but sometimes be better.
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      Fridge, computer fans and lots of annoying sounds and stress
      When I used to smoke, it always made my tinnitus worse. Glad I quit.

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