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      Hi all. Just joined. Read many of the useful posts to get some perspective on this condition. Thank you. I sincerely hope the research can wrap their heads around this and come up with a real cure.

      For years I've had a background hiss more like static that you could hear in a quite room and was easy to ignore during daily activites with ambient noise masking it out .

      But a few weeks ago a few minutes to check out a loud band in a pub left me with a loud continuous intrusive version of the same hiss playing havoc with my peace and concentration. While it varies, some days better than others I fear this is just going to hang on.

      One thing I have noticed is my watch-alarm with its high pitched pip, if held near my ear for a few second and I then whisk it away, the T disappears for about ten seconds before it returns! I found I can similarly suppress the T by just cupping my hands around and ear and gently hissing into my ear with my breath to create a similar noise to that of the T itself and again suppress the T. The effect lasts only 10 to 15 seconds. But I can get almost total relief for a short time with this technique.

      As a result I have been reading up everything here suggested about using sound therapies. Though most relates to tonal rather than hiss T, it does indicate at least in my case it may be treatable.

      BTW I did fork out for the Tinnitus Miracle book (out of desperation) and have read most of it. Now that I know its unlikely to be of any use at least I lost only $37

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      Welcome to the forum Marty.some interesting tips, will try them out too !
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      Shit happens
      So all you need is a masking track that loops 15sec of silence followed by a short beep!
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      You will great information and advice on this forum.

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