The Menace of Amplified Buskers

Discussion in 'Support' started by squeek, Oct 17, 2016.

    1. squeek

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      Noise impact/maybe seaborn
      Amplifiers have become dirt cheap, which means the bulk of buskers have turned to buying amplifiers and blocking pathways with their wretched cacophony.

      Anything we can do to deter this scourge of buskers? Can we sue the local city council? Afterall, these people cause pain on us. It's no different than causing physical pain, which in the legal sense would normally be regarded as assault. Are we not deserving of the same legal rights?
    2. IreneO

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      Amplified buskers are the scourge of Dublin's city centre at the moment. There are entire streets I will go out of my way to ignore because of the noise they make. And the level of amplification is ALWAYS inversely proportional to the degree of musical talent on display. Unfortunately, as long as people give them money they will persist. :arghh:
    3. 3ri0w

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      You could shout to them that "I would tip you 10 bucks but I can't come any closer because music is too loud"

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