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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dean Watkins, Jan 28, 2015.

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      Hi all,

      Dean Watkins from Maryland USA. I'm a 46 musician, Real Estate agent and DJ. My ears go through quite a bit between talking on the phone, playing live music and DJ'ing. I've finally decided to join after years of trying to deal with my tinnitus. Wanting to see what works for others instead of going it alone. I've had tinnitus for a while now but in the past few years it's getting worse. Just recently I was sitting in complete silence and noticed my tinnitus jumped up a few notches without any real reason. To say the least it scares the $h!t out of me. I know eventually there will be something to repair and fix this problem but I think it's a while away. So in the meantime, I'm looking forward to hearing from people with the same affliction and looking forward to the day when we all can beat this problem!

      Bless you all and have an awesome day, EVERYDAY!!

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      Welcome to the board, Dean. You are a T veteran of sort with that many years behind you. I guess one reality with T is that it can change over time for some. Some fade, some getting worse. I hope there is such thing called progressive habituation, meaning even if it gets louder, the body will, over time, be able to accept, adapt and hopefully habituate to the new loudness level if we don't put up a painful resistance to the situation. At least these two famous celebrities seem to do just fine with their T which they said was getting worse in this 1996 show. Letterman is still cracking jokes now and Shatner is still actively doing his things. They must have progressively habituated. So that is comforting to know for us. LOL. I guess the best thing for us to do is just to stay positive, accepting, adapting, finding something or strategies which help, and keep living and see what comes. If the video doesn't show, just google 'shatner letterman tinnitus' and you should find this youtube video.

      David Letterman with William Shatner - March,...

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