The Panic Attack "Miracle Cure" ;)

Discussion in 'Support' started by RaZaH, Nov 29, 2014.

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      Panic attacks and anxiety.

      I was reading some posts here about anxiety and panic attacks and I thought I would share my experience as I am confident that this will help people with attacks if they take me seriously on this.

      So here is my opinion and I certainly do not intend to belittle anyones experience of anxiety or panic attacks...
      I have been there and with this technique I obliterated my panic attacks in ONE evening.
      Yes I am being serious although I am starting to sound like I am trying to sell you the Panic Attack Instant Cure Miracle Bible One Time Package Offer. I am however trying to sell you on an idea :)

      It is a fact that expecting another panic attack often induces a panic attack, a vicious circle indeed.
      It is however pretty simple to deal with , seeing that its a "cycle" you just break that cycle, simples !
      How would you do that ? Well , in simple terms ,decide to do your best to induce a panic attack.
      Decide to ride the wave and "enjoy it" so to speak , it will not hurt you,its only a sensation .
      A sensation caused by "misalignment" of the Amygdala and one that needs resetting.
      Now I might be wrong about the Amygdala bit but the principle stil applies. I am no Doctor , give me chance here.

      You can do a reset by taking some time out , be alone and spend an evening trying your absolute best to get a panic attack , it will not work ! Absolutely not ! Because you are confusing the process ,breaking the cycle ,does not compute. If you manage to have an planned, willing attack I will refund you the nothing you paid me.


      Normally you get a tingle in your stomach or whatever sensation precedes your attack and the ball starts rolling until you find yourself in a full fledged attack . Which by the way is completely normal.
      Normal in the sense that its just the fight and flight response in misalignment.

      So , reset it . You can do that in two parts , complimentary parts if you will.

      Step one , like I mentioned before , do your best to induce one ..impossible , but you have spent a few hours trying a completely different approach towards a panic attack which will have prepared you for the next step.

      Step two : You have regular panic attacks and fully expect to get more so why not approach just ONE of them as a ride , as an experience, enjoy it ..Condition yourself to look forward to the next one , just this once , wait until your next attack and embrace it and you will find (and I know this is counterintuitive) that you will not have another attack . The ball will not start rolling as you have broken the cycle.

      I promise, double promise.

      If you feel that this cannot possibly apply to you ...I think you are wrong ..BUT , then try doing something silly when you feel an attack coming on , like standing up and dancing like a fool . It will make you smile and smiling and panic attacks just dont mix.

      This is not neccesarily easy ...but it is simple and it worked for me , I literally spent a complete evening and somewhat into the night doing my utter best to induce an attack and I could not do it.
      I was so determined to enjoy the ride that my reaction to a tingle in the stomach was one of excitement and anticipation and that broke the cycle completely. I did this years ago and despite lots of stress and now T I have NEVER had anything akin to a panic attack again.

      (actually it is pretty easy but I felt I needed to say that )

      I call this the BIOSIC technique , or Bring It On See If I Care Technique.

      Webpage and BIOSIC MiracleBible Upcoming.
      Click Here for a one time offer !
      Please deposit 0$ to my paypal account :p
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    2. Mr. Cartman

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      I love reading stuff like this! And you might very well be onto something :) Thanks @RaZaH !
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    3. AUTHOR

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      Benzo + loud noise
      Highly counterintuitive I know !
      I could back this up with all the research I did but there is no need.

      For people dealing with this ,Try it , it works. :)
    4. Love it, the side effect of my own T was to get PA and they were very nasty, I have them 99% under control now thankfully. I still do get trapped at times, and love your ideas @RaZaH
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    5. jeffreyjames

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      The thing that I get stuck with is this... My T produces a panic attack.. I used to get panic attacks and cured myself of them with this very method.. It's incredible.. But the key to this is that you will watch your panic go away, and then not get scared of them.

      The problem I have is that I get a panic attack because of a T spike, but T never goes away, so the source of the panic keeps the panic going! Any thoughts on that?
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      I pray and ask Jesus for peace and joy. I also ask Him to take away the FEAR of the sound (T), the FEAR of the feelings and sounds (H), the FEAR of the hearing loss...and wrap me in His peace. I ask for divine strategy (wisdom) as to how to go forward with these troubles, for wisdom in how to deal with them, for leading to the right modalities for cure, for His healing touch. He brings back my sanity and puts me in a solid place again.
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      Hi, I also pray everyday in the morning for a good day with no panick attacks and stress. This helps me to cope with T. I consider my day a success if a manage to go through it with treating T as an irritant rather than source of panick. I know there are people who don't let themselves enter into panick mode because of T anymore (my wife is an example, but honestly even though having T for 10 years already she never had panick attacks related to it), I believe it's all in our minds to control the emotions related to T. It's an everyday work on your state of mind and emotions. I strongly believe we may train our brains not to panick because of T. The source of my panick attacks (but I recently rarely get them) is usually associated with a thought that this is a lifetime condition and I will never hear silence again. For this I always repeat to myself "live one day at a time" and don't let catastrophic thinking occupy your thoughts. I may get tired because of T, I may get irritated sometimes more sometimes less, but I reject to have pacnick attacks because of T.
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      Find myself where you are...

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