The PoNs Device and Neuroplasticity

Discussion in 'Research News' started by DebInAustralia, Jun 15, 2016.

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      Probably nothing new, but thought id share this.

      Was reading Norman Doige's book "the brain's way of healing' tonight and was interested in his mention of the PoNs device that is currently being studied as a new potential option for the treatment of chronic neurological symptoms of disease or trauma.

      The device is believed to be a way of enhancing neuroplasticity via neuromodulation. Their clinical studies show that coupled with targeted functional therapy induces cranial nerve neuromodulation. The therapy would consist of targeted physical, occupational, and cognitive exercises, based on a patient's deficits.

      Apparently, electrical stimulation of the tongue stimulate 2 major cranial nerves; the trigeminal nerve and the facial nerve. 'The electrical stimulation of the cranial nerves creates a flow of neural impulses that are then delivered directly into the brain stem - the main control center for many life functions, including sensory perception and movement. From the brain stem, these impulses travel throughout the brain and activate or reactivate neurons and structures involved in human function - the cortex, spinal cord and potentially the entire central nervous system.'
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      Just watched The Nature of Things, a show on CBC in Canada, with an episode on this research. Unbelievably exciting stuff, how this device modulates the misfiring in the brain and brings incredible results to some brain injured people. How I would love to try the electric tongue depressor for my hissing Tinnitus. This is indeed a piece of the puzzle!
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