The Problem with Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by tinnitussufferer, May 8, 2015.

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      There are people who are deaf and people who are blind. These people will never see or hear again. But in our case we will never hear silence ever again. The importance of that depends on the person. A musician who gets joy and makes a living from music, would be devastated if they lost their hearing. Or if tinnitus prevents you from hearing every note you play because it is ruined by this horrible ringing noise, that can be equally devastating.

      Not all of us understand the loss caused by tinnitus because not everyone values their hearing equally. For those that do value their sense of perfect hearing, it is devastating. We have to start our lives all over again, with this impairment.

      Not only does it rob you of peace and quiet at night, but it also robs you of the ability to enjoy music. It is a reminder that what brings you so much joy and pleasure in life, can be the same thing that causes you so much misery.
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      I agree with you. Our lives will never again be the same.

      Our lives can be better than before, if we choose to work at it and make our lives better than before. But our lives will never again be the same. That is for sure.
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      barotrauma? stress?
      Do deaf people have T ? If not, why?
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      Some do and some dont. Tinnitus is a malfunction in the brain, that may or may not occur after hearing loss or totall deafness. Our ears are used to input external sound waves, wich are mechanical waves that hits our ear and makes it vibrate. The signal is processed and transformed into an electrical signal percived by our brain. When youre deaf, your ear can no longer recieve and process external waves, so you will stop hearing external sounds. But if the brain malfunctions it may still generate electrical signals, percived by our brain as sound without an external input. This is tinnitus.

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