The Ringing Disappeared a Second Time and Hasn't Come Back

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by robin44, Apr 2, 2015.

    1. robin44

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      Hello. I made a thread on this site a while ago to puke out all my frustration and sadness in search for some help and supportive answers. The ringing that was ruining my life is now gone.

      My life is not perfect but I can at least enjoy it again!

      I still have a sound, but it's only when it's quiet and I've always had it so it doesn't bother me in any kind of way! I think everybody have this kind of ringing but people never thinks about it cause it's normal.

      The really bad ringing started on 18th of February and disappeared the second time at around 21st of March. So I had it for about a month.

      I'm no good at expressing myself in a happy manor but I truly am glad it's over and as I now know how it feels to have tinnitus I can only wish yours disappears as well! Or at the VERY least doesnt bother you... :) Someday, somehow...

      My mother told me to believe it would go away. I didn't know what to think but I kinda forced myself into believing it would vanish on it's own (as doctors said I was fine). I guess it might have alot to do with our minds. At least if the T isn't linked to some kind of damage in the ears.

      I started eating much healthier and excercising (somewhat)! I also skipped smoking cigarettes and cannabis and drinking alcohol. I don't know if it helped me with my ringing ears but it didn't hurt I suppose...!

      Anyway, summer is saved and I'm off to freakin' Sweden Rock Festival in 2 months exactly from now!! :D
      (I'll bring ear protection!)

      Hope it'll get better for all of you out there. Don't give up!
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      I am really happy for you! That's great news. I keep trying to think that mine will go soon and too am eating healthier, cut out caffeine etc. I hope everyday that I am as lucky as you.
      Can I ask how your T started please? And when it went away, was it gradual or did you just wake up one morning and it was gone?
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      Noise - I think

      Oh you lucky little thing! So happy for you! Bring that earprotection and make sure never to get this thing again. Good luck! ;)
    4. AUTHOR

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      Thank you! My T came from nowhere when I was listening to music while high. I first thought it was the weed that was the cause, but I know it wasn't.

      I think it started ringing in my ears as a 'warning' from my body to do something about my poor health! Maybe sounds absurd but our brains/bodies can be weird sometimes! Though I'm not certain if this actually was the case, it's the most likely theory for me.

      The ringing started in both ears, gradually got better for 5 days and then disappeared all togheter for 3 days, it came back in my right ear, then changed to my left ear and went to both ears again before it disappeared a second time! The ENT I met thought that was really strange. :p

      Oh, about ENT. I was at 3 different doctors who checked my ears and nobody could find anythng wrong with them. And my hearing is fine so there was no damage in my ears!
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    5. Stink

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      you lucky being !!! remember tinnitus CAN COME BACK WITH VENGEANCE! protect your ears till death!!
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